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Infographic: Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits and Literary Productivity

Congratulations to Maria Popova [twitter: @brainpicker ; ] for being featured in the Visual Arts Press Fall 2014 issue of Visual Arts Journal! This post links to an article from late 2013 about the infographic but you may view the piece there or click here!

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Sleep makes all the difference in the world, particularly to an artist. Throughout the day, the brain is bombarded with sensory information, buffeted from one experience to another. The conscious mind is hard to derail from its tracks through the HERE and NOW.

But when we sleep, the mind does not just cut off. We dream, yes, but the unconscious brain is also processing information: “It’s not just consolidating memories, it’s organizing them and picking out the most salient information.”2Maria Popova over at Brain Pickings worked with Italian information designer Giorgia Lupi and her team at Accurat to create this beautiful infographic/print depicting the correlation between sleep habits and literary productivity. They processed all kinds of data (e.g.  biographies, interviews, journals, letters, etc.) and found thirty-seven writers for whom wake-up times were available.

So how did they measure this “literary productivity”? Popova writes that they developed a set of quantifiable criteria: the number…

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