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the bestseller is back on etsy! “pelvis spine ribs” b&w charcoal sketch HQ digital prints at the infinitely stranger arts boutique

most all of my etsy listings have been expired for a while and i haven’t had the time to tend to my website/shop/brand/etc. but i renewed several listings, including the bestselling “pelvis spine ribs” print and the one-of-a-kind zen dreamcatcher keychain. click the thumbnails below to view either item in my etsy shop, and remember, i do custom prints as well!



Source: pelvis spine ribs b&w charcoal sketch HQ digital print

Infinity Charm on Gunmetal Chain (click to view on etsy)

Infinity Charm on Gunmetal Chain (click to view on etsy)


zen dreamcatcher keychain at the infinitely stranger arts boutique on etsy

zen dreamcatcher keychain


Berlitz Language Series Book Covers

Appreciate this project on Behance!


berlitzmockups-jap2 copyberlitzmockups-japaneseberlitzmockups-italian

I created this series for Paula Scher’s Senior Portfolio class while still in school yet no one ever saw them. No one at all has ever seen these designs & this is their official public debut, three years later!

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On Carl Jung’s “Man and His Symbols”


oh yeah, and also:  !!!
infinitely stranger arts boutique on Etsy

Exclusive Limited Sale at the Infinitely Stranger Arts Boutique!

I just did some serious price-slashing for our exclusive Valentine’s Day Sale! There are three tiers of discounted prices for each item which means:
1. The lowest prices (displayed here) will only last a few days! Almost every item in the sale section is $3-5 (70% OFF) until February 3rd!
2. The second tier sale price is only available til Valentine’s Day!

If you would like a Free Shipping coupon (not to be used with sale items), make sure you’re signed up to follow my blog here as well as my Etsy Shop [infinitely stranger arts boutique] & get in touch with me – I’ll send the coupon right over for you!

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